Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

On March 1, 1973, Pink Floyd released their eighth studio album called “The Dark Side of the Moon.” It would retain a legacy unheard of that stands to this day. It popularized the “concept album.” It revolutionized sound quality in music. It promoted musical experimentation with traditional instruments and synthesizers. The list can go on and on.

With only ten tracks, Dark Side tackles topics that are seen in humanity’s tenure on Earth: birth, progression of life, rushing into life’s demands, time’s consequences for those who do not apply themselves for self-betterment, death’s melancholic eventuality, the evils of money, war’s futile attempt at rational dialogue, and the ever possible road to madness and mental illness.

One cannot listen to this album without going into a mental journey into one’s mind. The sound effects, the spoken dialogue, the clean instruments, the vocal effects, and the heartbeat give the pace as you find yourself somewhere else in your mind. A small warning: don’t drive and listen to this album at night when traveling long distances!

We may or may not expect something from the remaining band members to promote something for the upcoming 50th anniversary of Dark Side’s release, but it would be major if they did. This album is timeless and still relevant. Musicians still get inspiration from Dark Side. People still go on mind journeys with this album to escape reality for a while. If you’ve never even heard of Dark Side, go find it online and listen when you’re finally at home.