Yo Ho! Nightrider here!

Golgo 13 (known in the US as Golgo 13: The Professional) is an anime film released in Japan on 28th May 1983. I saw this film as a child and was amazed by the animation quality, the story, and the “impossible shot” scene where Duke Togo (Golgo 13 is his codename) succeeds in killing a target with the odds completely against him. What will be discussed here, however, is the music of the film itself. Also released in 1983, Golgo 13 (Original Sound Track) showcased funk, soul, disco and some jazz fusion. Produced by Toshiyuki Kimori, this soundtrack is one of a kind as it fills the listener with a sense of melancholy mixed with reality. As I hear the music of the album, each piece can be referenced back to scenes from the film. And, oh, one track became a favorite for me. Let’s look at a few pieces from the album:

Like the film, the song “Pray For You” is the title track. Sung in Japanese by former Playboy Playmate Cindy Wood, the lyrics tell about one betraying their loved one and how death will come to you and there will be no sympathy whatsoever. No one will pray for you but yourself as death approaches. A proper theme for someone like Duke Togo.

“Gold and Silver” is the theme music of the characters Gold and Silver. In the movie, they are two government operatives who survived a government exercise by surviving against mercenaries in the South American jungles; 2000 soldiers died and the pair were placed on death row for heinous crimes until they were released by the main villain just so they can kill Duke.

“Tail To Nose” is my favorite piece. This jazz fusion correctly emphasizes how you can overcome all odds with no question: it’s a track for badasses. In regards to the film, Duke walks to his enemies and takes care of them with his weapon after they destroy his getaway car.

“Love’s Mystery” is another song sung by Cindy Wood but in English. The lyrics tell a sad truth about love and destiny: destiny is not worth having a broken heart while love is not worth investing from a destiny fated to be doomed. The “mystery” of love is that everyone will end up alone in the end. This song wasn’t prominent in the film but if you listen closely to the lyrics, the song details references of the feelings of a key character of the film.

To conclude, we have the song “Golgo 13 and I.” This song ends the film with Cindy Wood’s vocals in Japanese. A fitting piece that ends a turbulent adventure.

To get a better appreciation of this VERY hidden gem, you have to see the movie Golgo 13. The music fits the scenes perfectly. But be warned: Golgo 13 is a serious movie that shows no mercy with its plot. You will get to know why Duke Togo is the best at what he does. And be on the lookout for “Tail to Nose” near the middle of the film!