July of 1984 is very important to any fans of Macross, it was the release of Macross: Do You Remember Love.

The film is an adaptation of the anime series Macross that ran from October 1982 to June 1983 with a total of 36 episodes. The film was created by the same team that did the series and with a budget of 400 million yen earned a total of 700 million yen, for today’s worth it would be a total of 1.8 billion yen.

The film looks and feels wonderful, especially the opening, the dogfight scene, and my favorite scene. The music is just a joy to listen and with Mari Iijima coming back to reprise her role of Lynn Minmay and she wrote the ending theme song “Tenshi no Enoug” ( An Angel’s Paints) and it’s just perfect and it still is to this day.

Do yourself a favor and watch Do You Remember Love and you see why so many say this is one of the best Macross films.