In May Evercade will be turning four and as of now, they have been doing well so far with the release of both the main console, the Evercade VS, and their handheld console, the Evercade EXP. This past week they made some very interesting moves and news that we are going to look at.

The first major news is that they will be releasing two revamped versions of both the VS and EXP. First is the Evercade EXP which will now be known as the Evercade EXP-R. The EXP-R will have the same look and feel as the EXP but with a new color pallet of Charcoal Grey with turquoise accents and sadly it won’t have the Capcom collection as the EXP did. The EXP-R will also have WIFI, and TATE button, which allows one to rotate the handheld to play vertical games a lot easier and accurate screen ratio. The EXP-R will come with a USB-C charge cable and one new cartridge from its new Giga Cart Format which we will talk about in a bit later and will be priced at $99.99, compared to the EXP which had the USB-C charge cable, the Capcom collection built-in and the Irem arcade collection 1 cartridge and was priced at $149.99. The other system is the Evercade VS-R, just like the VS, but with one controller, a Giga Cart, and will have the same color pallet as the EXP-R. The trade-off will be no HDMI cable, the Namco Museum Collection 1&2 won’t work on the Evercade VS-R and the price for the VS-R will be $99.99. Both new consoles will be out in July of this year and they will discontinue both the VS and EXP. To see how the new VS-R and EXP-R will look, you can click on the link here.

Evercade also announced a new type of cartridge they will release and it’s called the Giga Cart. The Giga Cart or GC for short, is a design made for larger and more modern retro games that were released on CD-ROM. The first game that will be released on this new GC will be the first three Tomb Raiders. It looks like the GC will be made for classic games from the 32-bit era of gaming, in case you want to know what came out of the 32-bit era the Nintendo 64, the Sega Saturn, and Sony Playstation, the first one. The price for the Tomb Raider Collection will be $24.99 and all other non-GCs will be priced at $19.99. To look at the announcement you can click on the link here.

Both the new console and Giga Cart will be released this July and they are not done, Evercade also laid out what else they will be doing in 2024. In September, November, and December they will release 6 new game carts, and in November two more new systems so we will have to wait to see what is it.