In this edition of Hidden Gems, we’ll be moving our heads to some of the music used in the TV show “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.” Since there is no official soundtrack, people would scour through YouTube and look for the tunes that one would oddly enjoy when on hold on the telephone. I will include other pieces not associated with “Harvey Birdman” since they sound similar.

You’re probably wondering “What was the name of theTab Song’ when Harvey was the lawyer to Shaggy and Scooby Doo?” The “Tab Song” is actually called “Bubba Dub Bossa” from the 1966 Italian movie “A.D3 Operazione Squalo Bianco” a.k.a. “Operation White Shark.” Anyone who has heard of this song will reference “Harvey Birdman” almost instantly.

The next piece is called “It Is Such A Good Night,” known as “Scoobidoo Love” by Charlie Steinman. This song was used in the episode “Deadomutt Part 2.” Harvey was ready to die on the electric chair while Steinman’s lively track makes the whole experience silly. This song will most likely stay in your head for a while.

“La Mia Mania,” performed by Italian singer Gianni Morandi, is a very lively song made in his 1963 album “Ritratto di Gianni.” But instead of using the song with lyrics, Adult Swim used the instrumental version of “La Mia Mania” performed by Gastone Parigi. “La Mia Mania” was used when Harvey was caught slacking off on a camera sequence in the episode “Blackwatch Plaid.”

To end this short list, the “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law” theme song; it is an edited version of Reg Tilsley’s “Slow Moody Blues.” It also serves as the end credits music in the middle of the piece.

It seems that the music production for “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law” is fond of Italian cinema; the music used in Italian cinema transcends the listening experience at times. Here is a short list of tracks that one can enjoy and say “Ennio Morricone scored that movie?”

So there, a short collection of lounge and laughter that will make you want to explore Italian cinema, and it’s lovely catalog of relaxing melodies. Be careful though, if you hear a piece that may or may not be from “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law,” it may get a little weird if you’re the only one laughing to yourself.