Hack/Slash is back and it came back with a bang with a new mini-series called Back to School. The mini-series was written and drawn by Zoe Thorogood and was released by Image Comics.

Back to School takes place between Me Without You and Euthanized where Cassie and her partner Vlad are set on a new case and end up at a school called Hunters for Hire Academy for Girls. The four issues are filled with blood, guts, humor, and sadness, and by the end of the mini-series, Thorogood does a wonderful job of crafting a down-to-earth horror story with emotions and the artwork just fits so well with the story.

If you’re a fan of good horror stories, something new to read, or are a fan of Zoe Thorogood, this is worth checking out. Hack/Slash: Back to School issues 1-4 are all out now.