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Fallout TV Series Review

War, war never changes and in the case of the Fallout TV series, it set the new bar for video game adaptations and in general any live-action adaptation of any IP, and the last show that set that bar was Doom Patrol. The series is based on the RPG video game of the...

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New Son of Fate Kickstarter is Live

Freelance comic illustrator Jean-Paul Deshong is at it again with another new Kickstarter for his series Sons of Fate. The Kickstarter is for the next chapter of the Birth of a Warrior storyline with Sons of Fate Volume 2: Legacy Deluxe Edition. The version is an...

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Samurai Champloo Turns 20

On May 20, 2004, the world was introduced to the latest anime series from director Shinichiro Watanabe and everyone wanted to see what was it since his massive global hit anime series Cowboy Bebop was released back in 1998 and the series he created was a massive hit...

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The Tick Animated Series Turn 30

1994 was a good year for animation, with the releases of animated series such as The Critic, Duckman, Gargoyles, Spider-man, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast, there is one that stood out for all the right reasons and that series was The Tick. The Tick was created by Ben...

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Blazing Saddle and Young Frankenstein Turn 50

1974 was the year of Mel Brooks, and he releases not one but two all-time classic comedies in the same year they are Blazing Saddle and Young Frankenstein and they both turn 50. First let's look at Blazing Saddle, which was first released on February 7, 1974. Warner...

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Action Comics #1 Set New Record

Over the weekend at a Texas-based Heritage Auction, Action Comics #1 went on sale and was sold for $6 million beating its previous record in 2022 when it was sold for a then-record $5.3 million. In case you are wondering why Action Comic #1 is going for that amount,...

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Where To Start with Fallout Series

Well since everyone is waiting to see the new Fallout TV series on Prime, now is a good time for you to get into the series before the TV series. To start, play the game that Fallout is based on and that game is Wasteland. The role-playing game was released back in...

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Mirka Andolfo’s Blasfamous #1 Review

What do you get if you mix sex, drugs, and rock and roll with religion, well you get Mirka Andolfo's newest work Blasfamous. The new series is about Clelia, the reigning queen of pop, who feels like everything is going under due to a newcomer with an irresistible...

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Akira Toriyama Passed Away at 68

The whole world was shocked to hear that Akira Toriyama, the man who created such classics as Dr. Slump, Sand Land, and the Dragon Ball series has passed away at the age of 68. It was reported by his production company Bird Studio that he passed away on March 1 of an...

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Godzilla Turns 70

One of the most important films in cinema history just turned 70 and that film is Godzilla. The film was directed by Ishiro Handa, who also co-written the screenplay with Takeo Murata, with Tomoyuki Tanaka as the producer, and studio Toho did the production and...

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