Today on underground we are going to look at an up and coming artist with a very different sound that is not mainstream, but it will surely turn heads upon listening. This artist is Taja Nicholle with her single For Now(I Promise).

The song is nothing of any music that I heard of before, and that’s a good thing. Its dark, haunting moody with an R&B tone to it and it works. Taja voice has this soulful sound to it, and I think with the tone of the music that is playing, her voice is the thing that brings it all together in the end. For Now(I Promise) is something I know not a lot of people will not give this song and artist a chance, but if you are willing to give something different, something unique, something rare and original a chance, then please give its song and this artist a chance.

For Now(I Promise) is on SoundCloud and on Spotify, so go and give this a listen and see where it will take you.