One of the best original comic book series in the past year just ended and we are going to take a look at the series as a whole and that series is Sweet Paprika by the one and only Mirka Andolfo.

The series focuses on a New York Italian name Paprika, a successful CCO at Infrenum Press who in her own words is a super bitch at work but horrible in both her personal and social life. All that change when she encounters Dill, a delivery boy who has a heart of gold but the brains of an Ox. From here the wheels of fate turn for both of them and over time we see what they both want and need but in the end their needs and wants ending up being completely different for the better.

The main cast of characters in the series is by far one of the best of its kind, very diverse, odd, and emotional and you can’t help but fall in love with them. The supporting cast is wonderful as well, some you’ll love while others you’ll hate and in the end, you see what becomes of them all, and let’s not forget Bean, oh god did I fall in love with Bean.

This series is by far the best that Mirka Andolfo has done to date. The story, cast of wonderful characters, beautiful artwork, and settings just scream the labor of love from Andolfo. Simon Tessuto’s coloring bring this series to life and made it worth coming back month after month and wanting to see more.

As I write this I keep asking myself “Do I want a part two of this series?” and to be honest I don’t want to see a second part of this wonderful series due to if a second part came to be, how will it live up to the high expectations it would have and it doesn’t deliver.

Sweet Paprika is a must-read and with volume 1 is available now and volume 2 will be out in October of this year now is the time to pick up this series.