Saga, for the past ten years this was and still is THE comic series you had to read, and rightfully so. The epic space opera/fantasy that was created by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples tells the story of two lovers from different races trying to care for and raise their daughter during a war in the background.

While the story might sound simple and also kind of a cop-out of a storyline, Vaughan brings this series to life with what is going on, with many different characters coming and going, betrayals, allies banding together and even gut-punching events that will leave you feeling hurt and maybe to the point of tears. Staples’s artwork is still one of the best out there and seeing how beautiful it is still after ten years is a true testament to her skill and artwork that is a joy to look at.

Saga has also been met with huge critical acclaim to the point that from 2013 to 2017 the series has won a total of 12 Eisner Awards, 17 Harvey Awards, and a Hugo Award and the series only has a total of 56 issues under its belt. While the series did take a hiatus in 2018-2022 and two-issue in from said hiatus, now is the time to start from the beginning and see why Saga is such a beloved series. Saga is published by Image Comics.