Ahoy Captain Cats here and today some rumored news about Killer Instinct 4 and remember take this with a grain of salt.

It has been reported that a rumor is going around that Bandai Namco may be working on KI4 and they might have the director of Dragon Ball Fighter Z to director this game as well. Plus it is also a rumor that Microsoft has also hired Erin Piepergerdes of Mortal Kombat fame to be an executive producer for Xbox Game Studios and will work with Bandai Namco to create KI4.

Now remember these are all rumors for now, but if they to be true then this means that Microsoft will have a true fighting game that will be exclusive to them and will be on their Series X/S systems and maybe Xbox One as well. As I said before we have to take these rumors with a grain of salt because who knows what could happen now till who knows when we will hear any news. We will keep an eye on this and keep you up to date on this story if anything else backs these rumors up.