Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

Archer and the gang decide to celebrate their “success” from the previous episode with humorous results in “Shots.”

We have the gang getting their festive groove on but somehow find themselves in a bind: Cyril is bummed out that he is not that special of an agent, Lana is shocked that she can’t attract anyone and Archer has to somehow ease Cyril’s bumming.

Enter Pam and her suggestion to party hardy. After that, it gets even better as an acquaintance of both Pam and Cheryl decides to stir things up with lube.

I am liking the character developments of Cyril and Lana’s husband Robert. Cyril went from being Archer’s joke bag to successor and then more of a joke bag. The only difference here is displayed when Cyril shows Archer how he has a good time; Archer realizes that Cyril may not be a drag after all and maybe is special in his own way. Robert, however, is dismayed that Lana is somehow trying to get a guy’s number but trusts her enough that it won’t go further. Indeed it shouldn’t since Lana got a receipt instead; Robert does not know the truth unfortunately.

Continuity is a plus since so far all this season’s episodes seem to be continuous. And from the preview for the upcoming episode “Dingo Baby, Et Cetera” it looks like the season’s story continues on.