Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to talk about a great fighting game that turns 20 and that is Capcom VS SNK 2 or CVS 2 for short.

CVS 2 is the sequel to 2000 CVS: Millennium Fight 2000, which was not bad of a fighting game, while it did had some slip-ups here and there. CVS 2 did fix these issues and then more to create a great fighting game and some of the best-looking character artworks and designs. The game also had a total of 48 characters to choose from (24 for both sides), new gameplay, and level design as well. There were some major issues when it came from the Capcom side in terms of sprite design (mainly Morrigan Aensland) and reuse some older character sprite design as well.

Despite all of that, this is a solid fighting game that does stand the test of time. While fighting games of today have so many bells and whistles to them, it’s good to go back and play such games as CVS 2 and enjoy some good old-school fighting games.