Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we have some news about Dwayne ” The Rock” Johnson newest show “Young Rock.”

In a press release they have announced the cast for the show, but there was a list of names of actors who will be portraying wrestling stars of the WWE for years ago. Here is the list of those who will bring these legends to life once more:

Adam Ray as Vince McMahon
Matthew Willig as Andre the Giant
Kevin Makely as Macho Man Randy Savage
Faiumu Fasitua Amosa and John Tui as The Wild Samoans
Brett Azar as The Iron Shiek
Nate Jackson as The Junkyard Dog

Now if you’re thinking that almost none of these actors will do these wrestlers justice and are worried, you should be right. I grew up watching these giants of wrestling and it is going to be a very tall order for them. Out of all of them, Kevin Makely has the toughest job of bringing Macho Man Randy Savage to life, and here is a sample of Macho Man Randy Savage and you will see why.

Young Rock will premiere on NBC on the 16 of February and we’ll let you know what we think of the series premiere.