Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

So, Archer is trying to get Lana jealous of his date and the plan actually worked and failed at the same time.

In “Double Date,” Archer schedules a double date with his new girlfriend Gabrielle (a neuroscientist) and Lana with her husband Robert. Things get awkwardly heated as Robert didn’t tell Lana about his past wives, disasters with pets, and his sudden attraction to Gabrielle in front of Lana’s face. Furthermore, Malory shows up with Cyril, Cheryl, and Pam and informs the dinner group that they are currently on a mission tracking down a Russian hacker; said hacker is dining in the same restaurant with his girlfriend.

I liked how Cyril finally lets out his anger about Archer in the amusement park. He is developing more reactionary traits that can help him overcome Archer’s constant insults. However, he embarrasses himself spectacularly as usual. As for Archer, he is trapped with repressed feelings about Lana and this will lead him down a humorous path to an epiphany. However, Lana is the loser in the end as Robert takes an even more liking to Malory’s company at her home.

There are only two more episodes this season and I have to say it is enjoyable. There is change, progress, character development, and hilarity that is changing almost constantly. Will Archer have a reckoning with Cyril this season? We’ll have to find out soon.