Today in hidden gem we are going to look at the second album from 80’s British pop group Wham and see how can an album like this only remembers for just two songs and not for being one of the best pop albums of the ’80s.

After the success of their debut album”Fantastic,” George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley went into making their second album with more control on what they want to do musically and thus “Make It Big” was born. The duo went to create this album during 1983 and 1984 mostly at Studio Miraval in Southern France and the reason for this was to escape all the press coverage and let Michael work in peace.

The album was released in November of 1984 and the album was successful with both critics and fans. This album also made Michael a huge singing star and he was able to show off his songwriting skills with songs such as “Everything She Wants,” “Freedom,” “Careless Whisper,” and “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.” The last two songs became instant classic and left the rest of the album in the dust, but if you list to the album as a whole you can see the album is a classic in itself.

The British pop sound held up so well after all these years and you can still listen to this album with start to finish with ease and the album clocks in at 38 minutes long. If you need a change of pace or want to listen to something that can make your day give Make It Big a listen.