Today on hidden gems we are going to talk about the latest album from indie darling Sophie Meiers and that album is Come Ovr/Skype Call.

Come Ovr and Skype Call tackle the theme of love and relationships, but from different points of view with Come Ovr is about getting over a very close relationship and Skype Call is about a long-distance relationship that is one-sided. The lyrics in Come Ovr is simple yet you can relate to because we all been in that situation of think about your ex and wondering if they either still have feeling for you or if they moved on. Meiers’s voice, tone, and feeling in this song are what bring this song together very wonderfully with a very catchy chillout pop vibe. Come Ovr is a great example of how a simple song can still be a lot better then what is on the mainstreaming.

Skype Call also has this chillout pop vibe with its beats and Meiers voice shine here. She sings about how a long-distance relationship just ended and how she wishes to be loved back by her other half via Skype Calls as they use too. This too is very relatable to people who have been in this situation themselves and end up being a one-sided love that hurts. While not being catchy as Come Ovr, Skype Call does stand on its own two feet and show off Sophie’s musicianship and songwriting abilities.

Overall this album that clocks in just under 10 minutes doe have a lot to it in terms of catchy beats, lyrics and an artist that knows what she doing with her music. If you want to listen to this album and more of Sophie Meiers other works you can her on SoundCloud.