Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to talk about a series that has gone under the radar here and now would be a great time to talk about it and that series is I Am A Hero.

The series was created by Kengo Hanazawa and ran from 2009 till 2017 in Big Comic Spirits Magazine. The main story of the series is about Hideo Suzuki, a 35-year-old manga artist assistant who sees himself as a supporting character in his own life until one day it all changed. A disease outbreak started to turn people into homicidal maniacs with zombie-like behavior and Hideo stops being a supporting character and ending up being the main character in a world gone to hell.

After the main series ended Hanazawa created three spin-off/prequels that all take place during the main story and they are:

  • I am a Hero in Osaka
  • I am a Hero in Ibaraki
  • I am a Hero in Nagasaki

The series ended in 2017 and Dark Horse Comics has the main story published in English with the final book coming out very soon, now is a great time to pick up this series and enjoy what Japan has to offer in terms of horror. Just in case if you don’t have time to read, there was a live-action film that was released back in October of 2015 that was a great film to watch and show off how Asian film take on the whole zombie outbreak would be like in Japan.