Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review a comic that is a love letter to fans of kaiju monster films of the ’70s, and that is Konnichiwa Kaiju-Kun or Hello Mr. Monster in English.

The story is about three women, Mari Adachi, Rumiko Kisaragi, and Julia Higashi and their dream is to be a famous idol group. While all three were promised to fame and fortune, there was a catch to the deal, and that catch is to join the Earth Defense Force or EDF for short. So now the three have to juggle both protecting the world from Kaijus or Monsters in English and keeping up appearances as New Three Sisters.

From beginning to end Konnichiwa Kaiju-Kun is excellent. LilLac, the creator of this comic series, did a fantastic job with the story and artwork. The artwork of how life in this Tokyo in the ’70s and how the city life was is great, from the Kaiju battles to how the people and the 70’s lifestyle was spot on like those of the Kaiju films of the ’70s. The story was exceptional as well, like before it felt like it came from a Kaiju film, and that is fine, especially the ending.

Konnichiwa Kaiju-Kun is a fun read, you can’t go wrong with this, and LilLac did a fabulous job in both the story and art. I can’t wait for the second issue of this, and if you want to give this a chance, you can order it from Antarctic-Press.