A few weeks ago The Nightrider and I was at Kingdom Con and little did we know it was going to be the final year of this small but mighty tabletop convention. At the end of the day, as we drove back to our ship and sat, we both talk about how wonderful it was to be there and how sad it will be missed. As of today I still think about it, and it feels like I saw a good friend for the last time and saying goodbye to said friend.

We sometimes as human beings tend to take things for granted and Kingdom Con is an excellent example of this, a lot of people who missed out on this convention would have loved it for what it was, a small yet unique place to learn new things. Whether it’s learning how to paint mini figures to learning how to play a new game or meeting up with people who love the same games as you do and spend all day playing, that is what Kingdom Con was to the many who enjoyed going to it for the past ten years.

Well to end this all I have to say is this, Goodbye old friend and I hope we meet again in another lifetime.