Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here, and today we are going to review the second part of the two-parter of DC DOOM PATROL, and that is “PAW PATROL.”

We pick up where “CULT PATROL” left off with a huge eye in the sky of Cloverton, Ohio and that means its the end of the DC Universe if it does not stop. We still see Robotman, and Crazy Jane stuck in Nurnheim while the rest of the team is trying to figure out how to stop the end of the world. We see Mr. Nobody and the Chief decided to work together and we end up seeing Crazy Jane back in the 1970s. During the flashback, we see one of Jane’s other personality, Dr. Harrison, whose power of persuasion is second to none and we see it at use at the mental hospital she was at during the time. Back at present, we see the team trying to think up a plan on how to save the DC Universe and themselves, while at the same time trying to find where is Nurnheim so they can help out Robotman and Jane. Back to the past, we see a plan in motion, and we see the only hope the DC Universe has, a pug. Kipling uses the pug, and another eye is up in the sky, and the DC Universe is saved and the end of the episode we see what happens to the Chief and the team in the present and how the Chief met and save Jane in the past.

This episode was all about Jane as we see how she was treated throughout the whole episode past and present. This episode made us feel for her as she was going through a lot and as Robotman wanted to talk to Jane herself, it shows she still has trust issues, and I don’t blame her. Dr. Harrison was very interesting, due to here nature and how she uses her power to get others to believe in anything she says is amazing. The rest of the cast did an excellent job; Mark Sheppard still was terrific to see in this episode as well as fan favorite Ezekiel the Cockroach make a grand return.

Next episode for DOOM PATROL is titled “DOOM PATROL PATROL,” and yes that is a mouth full.