Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here, and today I’m going to review the second episode of DOOM PATROL entitled “Donkey Patrol.”

The episode starts where “Pilot” left off and the first thing we see beside the town of Cloverton going into a mini black hole, we see a doomsday prophet cockroach yelling to his “god” before being suck into the black hole itself. Soon after we see both Mr. Nobody and the Chief on the bus and Mr. Nobody said the line that JUST made this series THE show for DC on the small screen and that line was this:

” Grant Morrison fan, Reddit Trolls with DC Universe subscription and the three new fans who stuck around after the donkey fart.” –Mr.Nobody

Soon after we see Crazy Jane jumping into the black hole and it was gone, all that was left was a donkey and the rest of the DP. Later we see the introduction of Cyborg, and it was a great way to bring him into the series, it shows that the writers Neil Reynolds and Shoshana Sachi know what the series is all about and can work with this odd world that the team lives. We see Rita going back to “Doom Manor,” and try to pretend nothing happen, Larry trying to leave town, and Robotman trying to get his hands on the donkey. We see Cyborg talking to Robotman and than Jane coming out of the donkey and the team tries to find out what is going on with the donkey. Soon we see the team split into two storylines, one with Jane and Robotman and the other with the rest of the team. We see Larry, Rita, and Cyborg trying to figure out what’s with the donkey, while we see Robotman trying to help out Jane. After what happens with both stories, we see a wonderful, yet powerful segment with David Bowie’s “Lazarus” playing in the background.

“Donkey Patrol” has shown what and how this series the first season is going to be, one hell of an odd, crazy, one of a kind trip with tons of bizarre things waiting to happen. Diane Guerrero stole the spotlight in this one as we see more of Crazy Jane’s other personalities and how they all have their own voice when it comes to any situation. Next week episode is entitled “Puppet Patrol,” so all we have to do is wait till this Friday and found what’s going to happen to The DOOM PATROL.