As you are reading this, it is raining here in Southern California and its no better time to look out of the window, play some tunes in the background and drink a nice glass of Hong Kong Milk Tea.

The origins of the tea go back to when Hong Kong was under British control. During this time the British introduced Black Tea with milk sugar. Soon it picks up with the locals but made one change that made a huge difference, Evaporated or Condensed milk. The British used just plain milk, and once they tried it with either or milk, it became as know as Hong Kong Style Milk Tea.

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea has a beautiful aroma. The taste before adding the milk is smooth, light and bold taste, with the milk, on the other hand, is lightly sweet, light floral smell and a milky flavor. This kind of tea is excellent for any time of the day and if you have a chance to try it, please do and enjoy it on any day.