Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here! Today we are continuing our Halloween madness with movie recommendation. We have Kai and Nightrider to give their favorite horror movies!

  • Kai favorite horror movies-The Fly Why! Because of its Jeff Goldblum’s birthday on Saturday! Just kidding but it is his birthday… happy birthday JG!  Well lets start off with a classic love story between the devil and a young lady, why of course, the classic Rosemary’s Baby. I never knew the devil could be a good father. God did his version with Jesus, but the devil does it better or more malevolent. Next the classic horror of childhood and too much tv obviously Poltergeist acts as a PSA for too much T.V with an unfinished swimming pool! I never want a pool ever again …until summer hits than the need to cool my nuts! I keep an eye out for skulls and corpses floating by. Next, anything by James Wan, mainly because he is Asian and he gets my sense of dread! Obviously, all his movies have a theme of overprotective parents/guardian! That Right I’m Asian ghost doesn’t scare as much parent retrieving me from the land of the dead just to finish my bowl of noodles…How Insidious!
  • Nightrider favorite horror movie– Well I am a huge fan of Return of the Living Dead 1&2. They were one of the best zombie movies in the 80’s and were 100% different, one of a kind and had a lot what made the 80’s so great. Plus they had a rocking soundtrack and one of the best, iconic zombies of all time, “TARMAN.” Another horror film that I like was Tales from the Darkside, which is based off of the tv series of the same name. It feels like its ‘Creepshow 3,’ but slap the Tales from the Darkside. You have to watch this.
  • Captain Cats favorite horror movies– This is a tough one for me because I have seen a lot of horror films not just here in the US but also Internationally as well. For now, I would have to say The new Halloween because it feels like it was the sequel that the original Halloween should have had but never did. Another great horror movie is Wyrmwood, THIS crazy movie is an Australian horror action film, to give you a good picture of this film think of it as what if Mad Max was in a Zombie filled outback. Sounds odd but once you watch it, you’ll understand what I mean. I AM HERO is a zombie film from Japan that came out in 2015. What makes this movie so different from other zombie movies is the location and the how the people in this location react to a zombie outbreak. Lastly is John Carpenter’s The Thing, which is based on the book ‘Who Goes There?’ by John W. Campbell Jr. The movie is a tour a force of sci-fi horror, which still stands the test of time to this day. If you love the film, read the book!

So let us know what you think of our favorite horror films and enjoy your Halloween!