With all the new games that are coming out soon and lots of classic games getting a new paint on life, there is one that is getting the treatment it deserves and that game is Dance Dance Revolution or DDR for short.

In 1998 Konami released DDR to the world in arcades and it was something so different and soon after its release it was on fire all over the world. 25 years later and it still is popular now with the current game being DDR A3 which was released in Japan in 2022 and here in the USA via an upgrade kit in August of 2023.

It was announced last week that with the 25 anniversary of DDR, Konami has partnered up with Zuiki, who works on other mini consoles such as the X68000 and the Taito Egret 2 mini, and will be releasing a DDR mini arcade console.

The mini console will have two handheld dance pads that can fit in your hands and play or if you are old school and what to do it the old school way they will release arcade-size dance pads so you can play like in the arcade.

For songs that will be used here, they will be using from the first DDR and its expansion, 2ed and 3ed mix, and as of now it’s a total of 19 songs, but hopefully we can add more or they will add more upon release.

If you want to learn more about this you can click on the link here and we will report more news on this once they release more information on this.