It’s not so surprising that some great games are either overshadowed by huge game releases, fall threw the cracks due to the latest game craze at the moment, or become an afterthought and become a cult classic by those who play it and will recommend it to others who want to play a forgotten classic and today we are going such game and that game is Transistor.

Transistor is an action role-playing game from Supergiant Games, the famous indie game studio that created classics such as Bastion, Pyer, and Hades series. Transistor is the studio’s second game, after the massive success of their debut game Bastion, which was released in 2011. The game was in development in the fall of 2011, which was the same time that they were finishing up Bastion and the creative team for Transistor was a team of 12 people, 7 of them were from the Bastion team and you can see it in the final product of the game. The game has the same isometric gameplay as Bastion, but unlike Baston that had a fantasy setting, Transistor is set in a sci-fi cityscape theme and you play as Red, a popular singer in Cloudbank, the city where the game takes place, and she has a glowing greatsword which is called The Transistor. The sword is your guide and companion as both the sword and Red have to fight your way through all of Cloudbank and find out there is more to what the city is all about and you are just a small piece in the big picture.

The gameplay, look, feel, and overall experience are such a joy and pleasure to play and see. The game works and fits so well and it made me think that Bastion was just a soft opening and this was Supergiant Game’s grand opening and what a grand opening it was. The music for Transistor is pure bliss, a one-of-a-kind old world meets electronic/rock music and it works so well. Here is an example of the soundtrack that was produced by Darren Korb. Ashley Lynn Barrett, who sang in the Bastion Soundtrack, comes back and does a wonderful job here as well, if not better.

If you can find a way to play this classic hidden gem of a game please do and you will have a great time and see why this game became a classic.