Well, we are at it again with Mirka Andolfo’s rock and roll opera Blasfamous, and boy was it good.

We pick up where we left off and we see more of Clelia’s past we are introduced to a new player in the name of Dorothy and it looks like there is more to them than we are led to believe. I can’t say this enough but Andolfo’s art and storytelling are one of the best in comics today. How the way she tells a story and adds the art style of her and the color pallet as well is just wonderful to see and I’m all here for it.

While this review is short and doesn’t do this book justice I will say this: Blasfamous is a hell of a read and as of now my choice for best mini-series of the year by far. Blasfamous #2 is out now and issue 3 will be out sometime in June.