Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to review everyone’s favorite working-class red panda who death metal vocals would make Tomas “Quorthon” Forserg proud and that series is Aggressive Retsuko.

Season 3 picks up sometime later after the events of season 2, especially the ending of season two and we see how she is doing and it’s not good. After a massive mistake, she ends up being an accountant for the idol group OTMGirls and they start seeing money, thanks to Retsuko. Soon after things go from good to bad as she ends up singing in front of a crowed and it gets worse from here.

While the series was great like always, the series does bring up a few topics that many people here in the west may have either misses or doesn’t understand due to cultural differences. First off the main topic this series tackle is capitalism and it shows, here are the lyrics of the time Retsuko sings about the subject:

“Screw you capitalism
The cash I’m not gettin’
The debt I’m still frettin’
The flames of financial hell got me sweating
No matter what I do
I’m always destined to fail
And every damn day another bill’s coming in the mail
Endless rat race
Working just to work more
Endless rat race
Jail cell, no door” – Retsuko

Another topic the series brings up is the Idol culture. While the fan culture in the idol scene can be nice and all, you also get a glimpse of the dark side of this culture due to fans stalking them, the working conditions, being attacked, and more. With all that is said Aggressive Retsuko season 3 is great and while it can be slow from time to time and some of the secondary characters don’t bring anything new to the table, this season is worth the watch.