Ahoy Me Mateys Captain Cats here! Newsflash everyone hates their job! We all do, and there is no right or wrong way of saying it. I bet a lot of you want to say what you want to say to the people who you hate working with. Fear not because the lovely people at Sanrio have you covered! In 2016 they release to the world who would become the hero and unofficial mascot for the workforce and her name is Retsuko. Here is Retsuko at work

Meet Retsuko, a 25-year-old anthropomorphic single red panda who works for a Japanese trading firm in the accounting department. She has to deal with everything the world throws at her, a horrible boss, co-workers who piss her off on both professional and personal levels, no time for love and the pressures of being a working woman in today’s world. Now when we are all off the clock, we all tend to head home and try to relax and vent our problems to our loved ones or doing some activity to work off the stress. Retsuko on the hand, on and off the clock she vents her anger out to death metal karaoke and boy does she kick ass doing it! Whether she is doing this with her co-worker friends or by herself, she tells it like it is and we the viewers cheer her on because we can relate to her.

The animation is all done by Fanworks for both the 100 1 minute and the Netflix, don’t worry ill get to the first part in a bit! Both series looked the same and kept the same voice actors. The only difference between both series is the names, but I’m ok with that, it’s not a big deal. Other difference would be that the Netflix is 15 minutes long and are ten episodes. They do a fantastic job with the storyline and the character development, by the end of the ten episodes you might have a favorite character, and it may not be Retsuko.

The 100 1 minute episodes were shown in Japan during the Ousama no Brunch program block, soon after they were available to view on YouTube, with no subtitles at all, so it was hard to understand. The beauty of the one-minute episodes is that it gets to the point of the problem of the week that our dear Retsuko has to face and they always end with a bang! The last episode was aired on March 31 of 2018, a few weeks before she took Netflix, the internet, the world and workforce by storm.

If you love the Netflix series and want to see more of our workforce idol, then head to YouTube and try to find them and make sure they have subtitles!

Retsuko with co workers

So what you think of Retsuko? Let The Nightrider and I know in the comments below!