Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

In 1982, a major game changer in anime was born with the TV series The Super Dimensional Fortress Macross or Macross for short. The series would spawn a gigantic franchise that rivals the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise in terms of plastic model kits, enduring legacy, topics that may not be sugar-coated, and a plethora of media.

Here, we’re gonna focus on the musical legacy that the original series left behind.

Composer Kentaro Haneda, famous for anime music for some films and series like Barefoot Gen, Final Yamato, and others, was in charge of creating the kind of music that modern film soundtracks are influenced by. Lots of incidence, suspense, and action famously displayed by the masterpiece “Dog Fighter” track, romance, and some songs that define the Macross legacy are present in many vinyl records. Four volumes of background music, the soundtrack for the classically space epic film Do You Remember Love?, a song collection; the list could go on! The entire original Macross catalouge can be purchased in the 3-CD release called “Macross The Complete.” You may have to sacrifice your wallet because of the scarcity of the records AND the CD release.

Anime’s first idol, Lynn Minmay, has various songs within the albums. These tracks go well with the situational music and serve as a break between conflict and peaceful moments. Although they are short, Minmay’s songs are memorable even if the lyrics are in Japanese.

Even though the Macross franchise has spinoffs, alternate media, and modern music from present performers, the original Macross TV soundtracks are a gem to collect and listen to. The quality is timeless and of high caliber. Such musical precision may never resurface again.