Today we are going to look at the newest single from our favorite space fox, Carter Fox in collaboration with Steve Honz in M87.

This track is part lo-if, part chillhop, and part spacy. The feel and vibe of this track are wonderful as it is relaxing and peaceful. The beat is very simple yet wonderful, it shows that Fox has mastered his style and craft and M87 is proof of it. Fox and Honz made something special here that is simple, relaxing and everyone can get into.

Fox created this track in honor of the first-ever image of a real black hole that was captured by the Event Horizon Telescope back in April of 2019. This single is the first for his next EP, which is titled “The Astronomical Mixtape” and will be released sometime early next year.

If you want to listen to M87, click on the link here and get lost in space because space is the place.