Today on Hidden Gem we are going to look at a song the embodies a show that it is a hidden gem in its own right, and that show is Shinya Shokudo, or better know here as Midnight Diner and the song is “Omoide.”

The series itself is about the main character “The Master” who is both a chef and bartender at a diner named Midnight Diner, which is open from midnight till 7am and is a lively place. The supporting cast is filled with many people from many walk of life such as salarymen, cab drivers, yakuza and more as they all order something to eat and drink, sit down and enjoy not only the master company, but each others as well and the story a new customer brings with them as well.

The opening song to the series is a simple yet elegant Japanese folk song by the artist Tunekichi Suzuki. As you listen to the music it make you feel at ease and make you wonder what is he singing about. I took the time to translate the first part of the song and this is what he is singing about;

“Misty white breaths you exhale

Slowly blown by the wind now

Into the clouds in the sky

Gradually fading away

From up above the sky

White clouds reach down

To inhale your breaths

They continue to float away” – Tunekichi Suzuki

The song titled “Omoide” is translated to “Memories,” and by the way, the lyrics go by, he must be talking about memories of his own or memories of our own as we look into the sky. This fits well with Midnight Diner as in there is always a story to be told in a place you least expected and wonder what is that story is about. If you have the time, Watch Midnight Diner, it is on Netflix and is worth the watch.