Today we are going to look at a collection from artist Yung Bae that was first released between 2015-2017 and are now together in a complete collection for the first time and it’s his Japanese Disco Edits. A friend of mine told me about these albums and lent me her copies to listen to and I’m so glad she did.

The first album was released back in 2015 and for an album that was released 7 years ago, it sounds so fresh. This whole album has the Japanese city pop vibe with a hint of disco and with tracks such as “Sailor Bae,” “Selfish High Heels,” “Bae City Rollaz,” and “Fly With Me” just screams summer life, especially where I’m at.

The second album was released back in 2016 and like the first album, I can’t believe it was released back in 2016. This album has this groovy city pop vibe that will get you in the mood to get up and dance or go out for a drive and cruising up and down the coast with tracks such as “Darling,” “Boogie!,” and “Daydream” you will put them on repeat and enjoy the ride.

The final album was released back in 2017 and this has more of a disco vibe to it than city pop. This album is something else because you can just simply relax and listen to this and just chill out with tracks such as “Luna,” and “If you want it.”

The Japanese Disco Edits Complete Collection is a must-have and is up there being a classic summer album that you can listen to this summer and all year round.