Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

This June 15 marks the 40th anniversary of Duran Duran’s debut album Duran Duran. Recorded in the winter of 1980-1981, Duran Duran was a part of the New Wave that was gaining ground at the time. The band almost stopped recording following the murder of John Lennon on 8 December 1980.

Three original singles came out of promoting the album: “Planet Earth,” “Careless Memories,” and the famous “Girls on Film.” However, the US Harvest release version removed the track “To the Shore” and replaced “Planet Earth” with its Night Version.

Although the album’s focus was on “Girls on Film” and its infamous music video of its Night Version, Duran Duran was a success and reached Number 3 in the UK and Number 10 on the US Billboard 2000. After the legendary release of Duran Duran’s second album Rio in 1982, Duran Duran had a reissue in 1983 and helped cement the band’s legacy.

Duran Duran established Duran Duran’s mark in music history, becoming one of the best-selling music artists in the world. And they are working on their 15th studio album as of 16 July 2019, but COVID-19 has put progress on hold for now.