On the last day in 2020, it was reported and confirmed that Daniel Dumile passed away on Halloween 2020, and in case you are wondering who he was, he was better known in the indie hip-hop scene as MF DOOM.

Before he became MF DOOM, Dumile was known as Zev Love X in the hip-hop group KMD with his younger brother DJ Subroc and Onyx the Birthstone kid. The group released their debut album Mr. Hood back in 1991 which had tracks that focused on racism and black empowerment in a comical point of view. Sadly when the group was working on their second album Black Bastards DJ Subroc passed away and shortly after that the group was dropped from Elektra Records leaving Dumile hurt, homeless and angry that he needed some time to recover from what has happened but also swore revenge on the music industry.

After some years away from the hip-hop scene, Dumile returned to the scene but as what he would be famous for as MF DOOM. The inspiration for this persona came from his love of comics and a Marvel Comic supervillain that was relatable to Dumile and that villain was Victor Von Doom, better known as Doctor Doom. In 1999 MF DOOM released his first album entitled Operation: Doomsday and thus an indie hip-hop legend was born. Soon after he would go on to release other solo albums such as:

Take Me to Your Leader as King Geedorah in 2003
Vaudeville Villain and Venomous Villain as Viktor Vaughun in 2003 and 2004
Mmm…Food in 2004
Born Like This as DOOM in 2009

He also did albums with other artists to create such classics as:

Madvillainy with MadLib in 2004
Special Herbs + Spices Vol 1 with MF Grimm in 2004
The Mouse and the Mask with Danger Mouse in 2005
Keys to the Kuffs with Jneiro Jarel in 2012
NehruvianDoom with Bishop Nehru in 2014
Czarface Meets Metal Face with Czarface in 2018

MF DOOM left behind a blueprint to the indie hip-hop community where you don’t need to be in the mainstream to be successful and to be remembered. You need to create a sound and have a style that many will try to recreate, but can never duplicate what has already been done. As Doctor Doom is considered by many as one of the greatest villains ever created by Marvel, MF DOOM will always be considered one of the greatest ever in the indie hip-hop scene and will inspire many others over the years to come.