Yo Ho, WeRCatz here!

November 7, 2020, was a good day. Watched some good wrestling, heard about some good boxing matches, and saw a great live concert online.

Charlatan’s online release party of their studio album Lip Server was in full swing and I was curious to see what they’re like and what music they played. I was bumping my head after about a minute into the first song of the set called “Empire Comes Home.”

This release party concert was very interesting and served me a breath of clean air in my ears. I couldn’t help but listen on as Charlatan continued to play. There was one point where I mentioned on the live chat that there were some elements of Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” in one of their songs. I also mentioned that there was a Joy Division vibe going on in another song. I wish success for Lip Server and even more success for Charlatan. Under different circumstances, I would like to see Charlatan live in concert sometime.

You can pre-order Lip Server with this link from Donut Sounds Record Co. here

To experience what we listened live, you can click on the following link on YouTube from the official Donut Sounds Record Co. Channel here
Enjoy and prepare to be amazed!