Today we are going to look at the newest EP from Californian rock band Fellow Robot and it’s called “Fellow Humans.”

From start to finish this rock album is unlike any other I have listened to this year. This album sounds and feels like they were giving us this mini rock and roll history tour of different eras of rock sound and vibes while having fun with it. Fellow Robot gives a bit of everything from the mid to late 70s up to the 2010s, and each song has its very own personality with sounds and lyrics that sync so beautifully together.

Songs such as ” Terrible Things” give off this 70s rock sound and vibe, that it reminds me of a lot of Paul McCartney’s early solo albums. “Settle Down” has this 90s progressive rock meets modern-day rock with elements and sounds that go hand in hand. “Ain’t the Feeling Nice” and “Just Go” are fantastic opening and closing tracks, it starts with an 80s rocking tune and the ending with a modern sound and vibe it shows how much rock not only progresses but changes throughout the years.

Fellow Human is a must listen and own album, with 7-tracks, and just under 22 minutes, it can be easily overlooked by the sheer amount of rock Fellow Human has. Fellow Robot has another great album under their belt and I can not praise them enough. If you like to own a copy of Fellow Human you can go to the Donut Sounds Records, the label company Fellow Robot is with the link here.