Today on underground we are going to talk about an artist like no other and that artist is The Phantom’s Revenge.

The Phantom’s Revenge (TPR for short) is a DJ from Nimes, France, which many hail France as the House Capital of the World. While his music style roots is French House, TPR sample from forgotten songs from different genres and make them fresh again. TPR first appear in the French house scene in 2008 with his first single Absolute Ego Riot from Idiot House and it is still fresh today as it is when it first came out. From here he has come out with hit after hit with tracks such as For Those Who Come In Late, A Better Day, Mr. Fahrenheit, Killing Power, and Dewdropper with Pad Chennington.

Many people believe that The Phantom’s Revenge is part of the future funk music scene as well, but I honestly think not, I think he laid the foundation for what future funk was going to be now. Even though The Phantom’s Revenge hasn’t released any physical albums to date you can look for his music via YouTube and SoundCloud.

The Phantom’s Revenge music and style are truly like no other. If your a fan of any kind of house music, vaporwave, future funk, electronica, or just want to experience something new, give The Phantom’s Revenge a listen.