Today on Underground we are going to talk about an opening to one of the best anime in 2019 and one of the best opening in 2019 and its ALI with their smash hit “Wild Side.”

Alien Liberty International or ALI for short is a multinational Hip Hop/ Funk band with members that came from Japan, Europe, America, other parts of Asia and Africa. With single hits such as “Temptations,” “Staying in the Groove,” “Vim,” and “True Fiction” they have fused the flow style of hip hop for the lyrics with the music vibe of funk and jazz fusion to make a sound of their own and it works very well.

With a series of hits under their belts, the band was an offer to do the opening for Beastars, an anime that is considered to be one of the most anticipated series for 2019, ALI needed to do something that needed to match the hype that Beastars had with it, and they did with Wild Side. Wild Side is this tour de force with the lyrics, a funky rhythm with a jazz style play that sounded like it came from Cowboy Bebop or Lupin The Third. There are two versions of Wild Style and here they are:

The Beastars Opening
The Official Version

ALI Wild Side is something that came out of nowhere and ended up being one of the best new songs that came out of 2019 and that in it itself is wild.