Yo Ho! Nightrider here!

We’ll be taking a look back at Gang Starr’s greatest album Moment of Truth, released on 31 March 1998. Considered one of hip-hop’s greatest albums of all time, Moment of Truth displays DJ Premier’s production skills at their maximum with no end while Guru’s lyricism is complex and profound. Let’s take a look at a few classic tracks.

The first track is also a hit: “You Know My Steez.” Topping at #76 in the Billboard Hot 100, “You Know My Steez” is Guru’s way of saying that he can destroy any fake MC while Premier’s beats elevate your ears. As Guru once said, there’s “always a message involved.”

“Work” is about how Guru criticizes the emergence of fake hip-hop artists and how putting dedicated work is more fruitful than making a quick buck by selling out. Once the mistakes are made, Guru will cut you down.

“Royalty” features K-Ci and JoJo. The message here is that royalty is earned and not faked. You have to keep on your toes with big money or else the money turns into a vice.

“Above The Clouds” features Inspectah Deck from the Wu Tang Clan. Here, greatness comes from within. A notable sample is a small portion of President John F. Kennedy’s “Speech on Space Flight.” With inner wisdom, you can say that the sky is not the limit and go further.

The title track to the album, “Moment of Truth,” carries a profound message that can be applied to all peoples: no matter what, one day you will have to face your moment of truth. Whether that moment comes from getting cheated by the recording industry, getting backstabbed by very close friends, or by becoming your own worst enemy, that moment will come and you alone have to face it unconditionally.

This album carries some music memories with me since I listened to this album when I was younger. Now 21 years old, Moment of Truth still holds a spot in my ears and Gang Starr got it right.