Today on underground we are going to talk about a song that became a hit back in 2004 and again in 2019, thanks to meme videos, and it’s The Weekend by British DJ Michael Gray featuring Shena.

This disco house track was released back on November 1, 2004, as a single and later in 2007’s Analog Is On LP. English singer Shena sang on this track and became a huge hit all over the European charts that year. The song was featured in Honda commercial and the 2007 Ugly Betty episode “Sofia’s Choice.” The lyrics to the song is just about getting ready for the weekend to start and enjoying it till the work week begins again.

The song had four different versions on release, and they were

The song wasn’t heard again until late 2018 early 2019 when people starting to use this song for meme videos and people were wondering where this song. If you need a new song to get you pump up for the workweek to end and your weekend to start, this is your song.