Today on underground I’m going to talk about an album that just came out last month and from start to finish it turns out to be something grand, and this album is Constant by Hotel Pools.

The entire album has this chillwave meets synthwave sound vibe and mix them into this sound that you can listen too and relax at almost anytime or at any place. Songs such as Spring, Flare, and Stardust are great examples of what Hotel Pools music sound is like, and it’s very pleasing to your ears. Each Track from this album showcases what  Hotel Pools unique musicianship with Constant, and this album could be the summer album you may have never heard of till now.

Constans runs just under 30 minutes, and both chillwave and synthwave may not be everyone’s cup of tea. This album is a great way to get yourself into and see what makes both music sound so unique and different to what is playing on the radio.