Today in Underground we are looking at an artist from Japan who has embrace the Chicano culture that is alive and well in Southern California, took it back to Japan and became a Chicano music star, and her name is MoNa aka Sad Girl.

MoNa aka Sad girl is a rapper and artist from Japan who is representing the Chicano culture in Japan, which is a subculture and better known in Japan as the Japanese lowrider scene. She has been doing this since 2008 with her first album “Heartbeat,” and just a few days ago she released her new music video “Change.”

Her music and tone of her singing show that she embraced the Chicano culture, from the look, the clothing and the importance of family. Her popularity has been so significant within the Chicano community in Southern California that she even did performances in Los Angeles and San Diego. Do yourself a favor and play “For Life”¬†while your out in a drive, you will be surprised with people who listen to this style of music will ask who this.

As of now she has released eight albums and has a considerable following in Japan and SoCal.