Today on Underground we are going to talk about a unique album that came out at the height of 90’s in 1995 and its The Return of the Rentals by The Rentals. The Rentals is the brainchild of Matt Sharp, the former bassist of Weezer. What made the band stand out at the time was the use of a Moog synthesizer and make it the main focus for their music and the mixture of vocals between the male and female leads. The Return of the Rentals is the bands’ debut album which released on October 24, 1995. The album itself is something that hasn’t been heard of at the time. The music in the album was based around the Moog synthesizer, and the lyrics were very different as well.

The song The Love I’m Searching For is the opening song for the album. Just the opening lyrics and the first verse is as impressive as you get:


(I don’t think I’ll find the love I want

The love I’m searching for, in this machine, no)

[Verse 1]

The system’s failed

All the circuits blown

And the message lost

In this machine, oh

Try all the codes

All possibilities

All combinations

But still nothing, no – The Rentals

As you can see the song is about a programmer trying to find or create love through his computer. The rest of the album you hear what he does with his computer and what does the computer think about this as well. With songs such as Please Let That Be You, My Summer Girl, and Sweetness and Tenderness.  Critics praised the album, but sadly only two songs not the whole album everyone loved and they were Friends of P and Waiting. Over the years the album hasn’t had the same impact as it did in 1995 but it still sounds fresh and better than what’s on the radio today regarding music, sounds, and fascinating lyrics.