Atari is back in both a modern and retro way with the release of the Gamestation Pro and it’s great with a few misses that are being addressed with a few announcements at last week’s CES.

The Atari Gamestation Pro or AGP for short is a sleek little black console with two classic yet updated Atari controllers with RGB LED lighting and also the console has as well. The AGP has a total of 200 plus games installed and a MicroSD card slot for other uses that many people, including myself, have been using, and it is great. The wireless 2.4 GHz controllers with built-in paddle control does take some time to get used to with how the layout is and it can be a pain at times.

To fix the controller issue, My Arcade, Atari partner on the Gamestation Pro, announced at this year’s CES that they will release updated controllers in both classic and modern styles. The way how both styles look, the controller issue has been fixed and with a release window sometime this year anyone who looking to get a new controller for their AGP should keep a lookout for the release date for them.

The AGP is a great pickup for anyone who grew up on Atari 2600, 5200, or 7800 will have a great time with this and with the MicroSD card modern fans will love it as well.

The Atari Gamestation Pro is available now at your local retail store.