While many people are going back to the world of Night City with the release of the Phantom Liberty, I went back to Night City on a different route with No Coincidence.

No Coincidence takes place during the events of CP 2077 but has nothing to do with either the main storyline with V or with the events of the anime series Edgerunners, No Coincidence is its own thing, and that’s a good thing. The story is about a group of different people from different walks of life they were blackmailed into doing a high-risk/high-reward job and they must find a way to work together to not only get the job done but also find out who is blackmailing them.

The book was written by famous Polish science fiction writer Rafal Kosik and he did a wonderful job bringing the world of Night City to life he understood the source material as well to the point there were little easter eggs inside that were great. The book also answers a good amount of questions for a side quest in the main game and we may or may not see the results of that quest here.

The book is out now and is worth the read I recommend it to anyone who wants to explore more of Night City, wants to get into Cyberpunk 2077, or needs a new book to read.