The Hellfire Gala, a storyline that was 12 issues long was the rage not just for its story, but for its fashion and has the vibe of the real-life Met Gala coming to San Diego Comic-Con International!

From the official D23 page the Hellfire gala will take place on July 22, 2023, during SDCCI. It is also stated that attendees are encouraged to dress to impress as it was the main talking point of the event. This event also goes along with the X-Men celebrating its 60th anniversary this year and also this is taking place on a Saturday, the Hellfire gala will be the talk of the town at Comic-Con.

There is no word of when the tickets will go on sale and if this will be a D23 member-only event, but we will let you know once they release more information on the Hellfire gala.