It is very rare to see a comic book character to stand on their own two feet and see the whole comic book community embrace them with love and support. When this happens, we usually see this from either Marvel or DC with the likes of X23 and Punchline being good examples of this. Then came 2003 and Skybound Entertainment released Invincible by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley and just like that a new superhero was born and the community embraced this series.

Fast forward to 2023 and we might see something like that again with Image comic’s newest superhero mini-series Inferno Girl Red and it asks the question, what if the call to adventure call on us, and we don’t want to answer it at all? In the case of Càssia Costa, that’s what happens, she ends up being Inferno Girl Red but doesn’t want to be a superhero at all and wants nothing to do with it at all. Co-Creators Mat Groom and Erica D’urso did a wonderful job with this issue of setting up everything in this mini-series, from the storyline, the art, the world environment, and the mythos.

The first issue is worth the read and I think we might just see another superhero lighting in a bottle just like Invincible. Inferno Girl Red is out now.