Well, it looks like SNK is going all in for 2023 with some huge announcements they made at EVO 2022 over the weekend.

The first major announcement was that Samurai Shodown will be getting Rollback Netcode, which is huge due to how successful the reboot is. In case you asking yourself what rollback I got you covered here.

The next announcement is that the new team was announced for KOF 15 and its Team Samurai. Finally, for the first time, all the major protagonists from KOF, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, and The Art of Fighting will be in a game together. Not only that but a second season of DLC for KOF was announced with Shingo Yabuki and finally, fan favorite Kim Kaphwan will be the first two for season two. You can see the full announcement here.

Lastly, we are finally getting a new Fatal Fury game!

With all of these announcements, it is safe to say 2023 will be a great year for SNK fans, and here is a little something in case you haven’t seen it yet.