Has it been three years since I reviewed Mirka Andolfo’s blockbuster hit series Unnatural and after reading it I was hoping she would come back to it and expand on it more and she did that with Blue Blood.

The first issue picks up a few years after the events of the first book and we Shea at a park with her foster parents, and soon after that it became a nightmare and we see her daydreaming in school and reminding us all that we all hated school at one point or another. We soon see New Roark and at a little joint named “Shake Pork” is here we see Leslie and Khal working at the business that she owns and seeing them talking about their personal life together. Back with Shea and how she is interacting with her classmate to the point of being suspended was harsh but funny at the same time and once we see how things at the home are like between all three it shows that they are more broken than together. We see some other characters making some form of a cameo we see what is going on and things don’t look good for Leslie and company.

This was a great way to start Blue Blood and fans of Unnatural will love it. While Andolfo will be doing the first three pages for each issue the rest of the issue was done by Italian artist Ivan Bigarella and Ivan does a wonderful job here. Francesca Carotenuto’s color work is wonderful as well here and both Bigarella and Carotenuto just match perfectly here. Seeing Leslie and company back again is a treat and with Sweet Paprika in its final arc, Mirka is on top of the comic world and who knows what’s going to be her next project will be.